Motorradical designs and manufactures quality automotive accessories that will enhance the functionality and appearance of your motorcycle or 4x4.

Africa provides the ultimate testing ground for vehicle accessories, thanks to its diverse landscape, wilderness areas and sheer size. Being well equipped could prevent scratches, dents and broken vital components. Our accessories fulfil many purposes but our priority is safety to yourself, your motorcycle or your 4x4.

Motorradical understands the importance of design engineering when it comes to quality, efficiency, durability and practicality. Precision design, laser and CNC technology reduce costs and increases the quality of the product.

Not only do we manufacture a wide range of products for various Motorcycles and 4x4 vehicles but we also supply other outdoor and automotive products, such as fridge/freezers, roof-top tents, recovery equipment, bull bars, body armour, lighting equipment etcetera.

We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our business practices - from distribution to customer service. Motorradical is a Quality Endorsed Company and wherever we can, we endeavour to raise the standard.

With this in mind we trust that the range of products available will make your travel experience an enjoyable, safe and pleasant one.